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Swinging through the dark labs of the metaverse with 4,444
scientific apes, features bold, fun and unique NFTs to match
your personality and style. Our apes encompass everyday
scientific traits along with some of your favorite characters
you may have loved over the years. Apes will live on the Ethereum network.

Launch on Ethereum mainnet
Free mint to holders of SAS
Partnerships with creators in rewarding the holders of SAS
Surprise gifts to holders along the way
Launch the $SAS token that rewards holders of SAS with $WETH

The mint function will be enabled once it is time. Please join our discord and follow us on twitter to know when this has been announced.

Mint price will be 0.04 ETH + Gas

Yes, there will be a whitelist sale in order to honor our first supporters. Mint price is the same for everyone but they will mint few hours before the public sale.

Yes, there will be a public sale. The contract is optimized to ensure that minimal gas is used during the public sale.

This will be announced before the presale.

The total supply is 4,444 SAS. We’re going to reserve 10 Apes for marketing and strategic partnerships that will enable the project grow.